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The module FTChene (standards/coppice oak) was developed from the IFN (inventaire forestier national = national forest inventory) data to simulate the stands identified as “Futaie Coppice Mix” in the northern half of France.

Réf : Vallet P., Toigo M., 2012. Un modèle de croissance pour les mélanges futaie-taillis à partir des données de l’IFN. Communication orale aux Journées couplées CAQ15 – CAPSIS14, Nogent-sur-Vernisson, 03 avril 2012

The simulation offers predefined fertility situations as listed below:

  • Average forest of Orleans
  • Average GRECO A, B, C (broad ecological regions, defined by IFN)

The evolution step is 5 years, to match the model data calibration. It may however vary between 3 and 6 years for practical reasons, but this generates biases related to the nonlinearity of the models, and must be done knowingly.

You can change the simulation parameters that appear in the window initialization. If you enter a value outside of the range ​​normally usable by the model, a warning will be displayed. If you enter an absurd value, another message will appear and you can not continue while the set of values ​​is not corrected.

When the starting parameters of the simulation are validated, the model generates a list of trees.

List of parameters

Interval of current value between “{}”

Fertility index and slope of the growth in girth.

Fertility is not a reference height at a given age as in other models (FTChene does not model the tree height). This is an indicator of fertility based on values ​​calculated below.

Siliceous Rock {0, 1}

1 for the source rocks of the siliceous type, 0 in other cases. However, in the case of an average over several stations, the value can be a real between 0 and 1. In this case, it corresponds to the proportion of plot with a siliceous rock type for the selected population. For example, prerecorded values ​​for the clumps are ratios of siliceous IFN plot in the model base calibration.

C / N ratio {10, 26.3}

Practical values ​​represent 95% of the distribution

Minimum Temperature in December {-1.40, 3.9}

Practical values ​​represent 95% of the distribution

Index of temporary congestion {-0.013, 0.098}

Practical values ​​represent 95% of the distribution


Standards trees are individualized on the hectare basis and represent a number of trees proportional to the total area of ​​the plot.

Surface plot in Ha {0.01, 50}

Relative density Index (RDI) {0, 1}

mean square Diameter (Dg) {10, 40}


The Coppice is not individualized.

Basal area (G) m2/ha {0, 20}

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