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All shapes attached to a fuel and stored in the database appear in this list.

It contains for each the type (plant, layer or sample), XZ, XZ_XY ou XYZ means that the shape is 2D, 2 X 2D or 3D, the sampling méthod (cubes or cage), crown dimensions and the mention if the shape is validated or désactivated.

At the top od the screen, on the left, a panel resume fuel general informations.

Control buttons are:

  • Add: to add a new shape
  • Modify: to modify an existing shape
  • Validate: to validate the shape
  • Desactivate/Reactivate: to desactivate or reactivate an existing shape
  • Close: to close the window

Validate action is usefull to indicate that the shape entry is terminated.

Desactivate action is usefull to denied utilisation of a shape without deleting data physically.

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