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This interface aims at create, update, delete particle parameters values for a fuel (plants or layers) in the database.

At the top left of the screen, a panel resume fuel general informations.

Then a table is available for modification of parameter values group by particles family dead and alive.

It is possible to reduice the list size to a single parameter by it's choice in the selector.

The parameters list is :

  • MVR in kg/m3
  • SVR in m2/m3
  • AC (Ashes content) in g/100g
  • MC (Moisture content) in %
  • HCV in KJ/Kg
  • Size in mm

Particle families are biomasses entered in cubes representing the shape of the plant or layer.

The value 0.0 is a measured value equals to zero.

The value -9.0 is a missing value, NOT measured.

The value NaN is an existing value BUT NOT measured.

Actions on buttons are :

  • Save in database : Save modifications in the database
  • Cancel : Cancel modifications and close the window
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