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This interface aims at enter cubes (or voxels) repartition in a *2D shape.

Available types of cube are TOP/CENTER/BOTTOM.


On top right, 2 panels display general informations about the plant (ID, team, site, species, height, origin) and the shape (ID, sample type, shape kind (XZ=2D), voxel dimensions)

Bellow appears the color legend for each type of cubes (TOP/CENTER/BOTTOM)


If this shape is created from a sample, the cubes of the sample will be centered in the new 2D shape.


Select the type of cube to spead on the shape in the colored square in the legend (TOP/CENTER/BOTTOM). The selected type name appears in RED.

A white colored cubes represent “holes” in the crown.

A the bottom right part of the screen, particles list with biomasses for the selected type of cube is displayed. Biomasses values CAN NOT be modified here. Unit is grammes.


The crown shape appears in a 2D grid (X is the diameter, Z is the shape height).

To change a cube color (type), select the color on the legend and left clic on the cube. The cube appears in the right color. In the database, this cube will have the same particles and biomasses.

To change several cubes color at the same time, draw a rectangle with the right clic around the group of cubes.

A zoom tool is available by drawing a rectangle with the left clic of the mouse. A single right clic zoom forward.

+ and - increase and decrease the size if the grid in 4 dimensions.

Blue arrows copy cubes from left to right symetrically to Z axe.


It is NOT POSSIBLE to modify biomasses values or to add a new particle from this interface, you have to go back to the SAMPLE edition in the same plant.


At the bottom of the screen, the total estimated biomass is automatically calculated.

Total measured biomass from the sampling, is displayed for control.


Click on VALIDATE to save the new shape, or to save modifications in the database.

All empty voxel rows at the right or at the top of the shape will NOT be saved.

The shape size will be automatically ajusted.

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