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Filter Manager


Select the elements (ex: trees, ground cells, individuals…) by combining filters compatible with the module associated to the project. Filters apply by successive refinements.

Available filters

Select a filter in the list of available filters to see its description appear in the text zone at the bottom of the filter manager. To use a filter, select it with the mouse and add it in the list of selected filters with the button .

Selected filters

The selected filters can be parametered with a configuration panel appearing on the right of the filter manager.

The result of the current configuration can be checked at every time in a grouper display, itself chosen in the combo list of compatible grouper displays (under the available filters). The grouper displays can have their own configuration facilities.

When selection changes in the configuration panel of the filter, it is possible to refresh the grouper display with the button .

If several filters are selected, each one refines the result of the selection of its previous filter in the selected filters list. Only the last filter can be configured. To change the configuration of some previous filter, you must first remove all the filters bellow it with the button .

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