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Capsis Preferences

On startup

  • Choose if you would like to see the “Welcome to Capsis” dialog. This dialog is interesting as an helper for the user at first opening time but it can be disabled when the user knows better Capsis.

User Interface

  • Change the display mode of the project manager to have a more compact view.
  • Choose if the simulation steps resulting from user interventions (e.g. thinning) should always be visible even with the project manager visibility management options activated.
  • Decide if the new projects are to be shown at the top of the others.
  • Choose a number of pages for the report mode in the output panel of the window (will be considered at next Capsis start).
  • Activate the borders around the buttons in the Capsis toolbar (not compatible with all Look and Feels).
  • Possibly add the legacy chart renderers in the diagrams popup menu to allow the user to switch the chart to an old rendering (for the charts opened after activating this option).
  • Tune the thickness of the border of the internal frames containing the graphics (not compatible with all Look and Feels).
  • Tune the duration of tooltips showing.
  • Change the selection color in the project manager.

External Tools

  • Choose the Web browser to show the documentation and help pages. Can be useful in case of trouble with the system default browser.

Look And Feel

  • To change the appearance of Capsis, choose a “Look and Feel” in the available list and apply it.
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