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François de Coligny (INRA), UMR AMAP, botAnique et bioinforMatique de l'Architecture des Plantes, TA 40 / PS2 - Boulevard de la Lironde, 34398 Montpellier Cedex 5


MaddModel is a sample technical test module. It is provided with Capsis in order to help evaluate the platform's capabilities.

This spatially explicit model borrows some empirical equations from the Mountain module by Benoît Courbaud to calculate diameter and height increments. Some stand and trees properties were added to test some technical options. These properties may change in future versions.


MaddModel is a spatial individual tree model (Distance-Dependent Tree Model). Trees are characterized by their species, position (x, y, z), height, diameter at breast height and age. Growth is modelled at the tree level for each individual. Regeneration is modelled at the stand level. Tree death is stochastic.


MaddModel uses inventory files with the characteristics of each tree : id, position (kernel or not), x, y, z, year, h (m), dbh (cm), age.

Inventory example with two trees :

1 N 0.1 36 0 2000 18 25 92
2 N 2.2 49.1 0 2000 18 25 92


Some viewers can be used to examine stand characteristics (Simple and Text viewers, data structure Inspector…).

Graphics can be used to check and compare different stands states or to watch the evolution of variables along time (basal area, average tree diameter and height, number of trees per diameter class or per species…).

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