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Jacques Labonne (INRA) UMR INRA - Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour “Ecologie Comportementale et Biologie des Populations de Poissons” Pôle d'Hydrobiologie de Saint Pée sur Nivelle, INRA Quartier Ibarron 64310 Saint Pée sur Nivelle Tél : (0)5 59 51 59 80


Kerguelen is a research module, dedicated to the question of colonization of Kerguelen Islands by salmonids. It is derived from Bidasoa module, with a simplified life cycle, but includes a marine environment. The main objective of this module is to produce simulation results to discriminate the various hypotheses underlying colonization success (density dependence, stepping stone dispersal, selective advantage for marine forms, etc.).

This module is spatialized, uses individual scale, makes use of the Genetics extension.

The inventory file includes the species data, genetic map data, individual fish data, reach, weir and marine environment data.

The Kerguelen module is under progress, a detailed documentation will be provided later on.

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