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Export a step to be reused as an initial step in a new project

  • Make a stretch project (e.g. with Lieberman with crown: faster for a test), do an evolution
  • choose a step to be exported: the one that you would like to reuse for your new project
  • Right click on the step > Export > 'Stretch: export to initialise a new project', choose a target file name (e.g. 'aa' in a tmp/ directory) and validate (wait a little, no progress bar here).
  • once the export is over, you can check it has created 2 files in tmp/: aa is the SfsInitialParameters object saved in XML (to be reopened by the Stretch AutoUI initialisation dialog) and aa.scene is the scene under the Step you exported.
  • New Project > Stretch > Import a saved step > Browse, select the 'aa' file in tmp/, Import (wait a little, no progress bar here)
  • you may now change some parameters (e.g. in the species) for the new beggining simulation

WARNING: some parameters can not be changed (e.g. plot extension, number of trees…) but the AutoUI makes it uneasy to disable the related fields → you maust be careful to your changes.

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