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 ==== 2. Run the installer ==== ==== 2. Run the installer ====
-Run capsis-setup-X.jar by **double clicking on it** and follow the install instructions. ​+**Run the installer** (capsis-setup-X.jarby double clicking on it and follow the install instructions. ​If double clicking on a .jar file does not launch the installer on your system, open a terminal, change to the install directory and type 
 +java -jar capsis-setup-file-name.jar
 +{{:​documentation:​izpack1.png?​300|The Capsis installer}}
 +Under **Windows Vista**, you must install in a directory where you have write privileges (for instance //​Documents//​).
 ==== 3. Start Capsis ==== ==== 3. Start Capsis ====
 Use one of the shortcuts the installer added. Use one of the shortcuts the installer added.
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