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How to duplicate a module

It is possible using the duplicate-module target of the Ant's build.xml file to duplicate an existing module located in the capsis4/src directory by giving it a new package name, a new module name and a new prefix. The user chooses the new package name and the new prefix, and the new module name is created automatically from the new package name.

Note: the new prefix can be the same as the one of the initial module.

In order to duplicate a module, you have to type the following command from the capsis4 directory:

On Linux/MacOS:

sh ant duplicate-module -Dnew.prefix=Newprefix

On Windows:

ant duplicate-module -Dnew.prefix=Newprefix

- is the package name of the initial module (module to duplicate stored in capsis4/src directory);
- and new.prefix are respectively the package name and the prefix of the new module (module to create in capsis4/src directory).

For example, the following command (on Linux/MacOS):

sh ant duplicate-module -Dnew.prefix=Tra2

will create from the training package (that is Training module) a new module having the following characteristics:
- package name: training2;
- module name: Training2 (default value generated from package name);
- prefix: Tra2.

Technical note: the creation of the new module requires to give new names to files (.java source files and .properties translation files mainly) and classes contained in source files from the initial module. Moreover, local variables whose name begins with the prefix in the initial module (with a lowercase first letter) are also renamed. Therefore, with the previous example, if the TraModel class (stored in contains the following instruction:

TraScene traScene = (TraScene) step.getScene().getEvolutionBase();

then the Tra2Model class (stored in will contain the following instruction:

Tra2Scene tra2Scene = (Tra2Scene) step.getScene().getEvolutionBase();

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