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The Capsis documentation

1. Using Capsis: documentation for the end-users

This section is for the Capsis end-users who were given a Capsis installer (Zip or IzPack jar version) by a Capsis modeller (see the Capsis charter). Your installer generally contains only few models (the other models in Capsis are not all free). For a complete and up to date list of projects, see the models page.

2. Developing in Capsis: documentation for the modellers

This section is for the Capsis modellers. You have the complete version of Capsis including all the models thanks to the Capsis charter. You can find here documentations about Capsis, Java and various tools used in the Capsis project as well as reports, training courses and various other documents.

2.1 Getting started

2.2 Developing modules

2.3 Extensions

2.4 Scripting

2.5 Documenting and distributing your model

2.6 Good practices

2.7 Libraries

2.8 Specific concerns

2.9 Technical topics for skilled developers

3. Training lessons

Last version

Capsis 4.2.6 training (January 2020)

Former training versions

Capsis 4.2.6 training (February 2019)

Capsis 4.2.6 training (January 2019)

Capsis 4.2.4 training (2018)

Capsis 4.2.3 training (2017)

Capsis 4.2.3 training (2014)

Capsis 4.2.2 training (2010)

Capsis v4.2.0 training (2009)

4. Presentations and other documentations

  • Capsis4 Reference Documentation, August 2019: .odt, .pdf
  • WoodQC-2016 in Québec, Capsis: 60 Forest Growth Models in a Single Software v1
  • The Capsis brochure - avril 2015 (fr) .pdf
  • Eccorev presentation - 8 oct 2014 - Aix en Provence .odp .pdf
  • Capsis / AMAPstudio: the benefit of integrative software platforms for models mutualisation and chaining, MeMoWood conference, 1-4 October, 2013, Nancy - .odp - .pdf
  • Capsis / AMAPstudio, an integrative approach for forests and plants architecture modelling. “Modelling of ecosystems by tools from computer sciences”, international summer school in Prague (Czech Republic), 16-20 September, 2013 - .odp - .pdf
  • La modélisation forestière au service de la multifonctionnalité à l’échelle du peuplement et du massif, P. Vallet (IRSTEA), 4-5 dec 2012 - FR - .pdf
  • Présentation Capsis, Projet Traitaut du GIP ECOFOR - 22 oct 2012 - FR - .pdf
  • Présentation Capsis - Rencontre AMAP / B&SEF, G. Le Moguedec, janvier 2012 - FR - .pdf
  • Capsis - un état des lieux: at the CAQ13 meeting in Grenoble, march 2010 .odp .pdf - FR
  • A general purpose Capsis Presentation, jan 2009 .odp .ppt .pdf
  • Short presentation of Capsis to the Scientific Council of Agropolis Foundation, oct 2008 .odp .pdf
  • Présentation Capsis en images au Cirad, aug 2008 .odp .pdf - FR
  • Présentation Capsis à Supagro Montpellier, jun 2008 .odp .pdf - FR
  • Panoramique des modèles récemment intégrés dans Capsis, réunion CAQ 2008 .odp .ppt .pdf - FR
  • Intégration, problématique des plateformes logicielles - ENS Lyon, jun 2008 .odp .pdf - FR
  • Capsis Presentation, feb 2006 pdf based on sept 2005 .ppt
  • Capsis Presentation PMA06 - Beijing, nov 2006 .ppt pdf
  • Présentation Capsis, oct 2004 sxi pdf - FR
  • Documentation de référence Capsis4 (v1.1) pdf (sdd) rtf - FR
  • Documentation de référence (v1.0) doc_reference_v1_0 - FR
  • Rapport d'étude générale du projet Capsis rapport initial - FR

5. Reports of Capsis annual meetings

The Capsis annual meetings take place each year around April-June. All the members are invited to talk together about the current / active / short term beginning projects. Every meeting results in a report that you can find below.

Since 2011, the Capsis meeting has been joined with the annual meeting of the CAQ network into the CAQSIS annual meeting (Céline Meredieu, Mathieu Fortin (until 2015), Francis Colin (2016-2017) and Francois de Coligny).

The CAQSIS meetings reports on the INRA EFPA department web pages are also available here.

6. Conventions, norms

7. References

  • Au cœur de Java 8 Edition : - Cay S. Horstmann, Gary Cornell - Notions fondamentales T1, 2008.
  • Java In A Nutshell, 5th Edition (english), 4ème ed. (français) - David Flanagan- O'Reilly - 2005
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